The Good Girls’ Guide to Rock


Thurs 3rd June, 8:30pm

Wed 9th June, 8:30pm

55 mins


The Jade

Come together and enjoy a musical love-fest that transcends music era and expectations as “The Good Girls” peek out of their recital box and become song curious…

Join them as they take you through their guide to rock and roll. From The Beatles to U2, through KISS and Bowie, to the must see destinations of The Rolling Stones and Meatloaf, these classical fangirls show that classical musicians, and female ones at that, are anything but naïve or innocent – they love some good, solid rock.

Witness their transformation from contrapuntal nerds to classic rock stars!

Founded by Verity Colyer and featuring Megan Doherty and Shelley Edwards, with Cameron Oosterbaan on keys.

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