Our Impact

Cabaret Fringe Festival Impact

The Cabaret Fringe Festival contributes to the cultural, social and economic fabric of the state. It connects artists to audiences, who experience the diversity of expression that makes cabaret such a popular and accessible art-form. We exist because cabaret exists, and what exists here doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. At CabFringe we cultivate cabaret, celebrate community, put people first, think yes, take risks, thrive on change, honour our past, and push forward. 

2023 Cabaret Fringe Festival Facts and Figures

Cab Fringe was born of a revolution. Cabaret Fringe founder, The Late Great Frank Ford AM once said, “We should be trying to build our own culture. That’s how much we’ll be judged in the future; not by how well we can reproduce other people’s cultures but how much we can produce ourselves.”

Cab Fringe 2023 brought forward a new logo, brand and voices, Adelaide-grown and Adelaide’s own. We continue to cultivate ongoing collisions between community and art.    

Over $131,000 in ticket sales

$113,000 paid to artists

Over 4000 tickets sold

3 new awards meant $7500 in prizes for artists

Just under 50% overall capacity sold (well above the industry standard of circa 30%)

From 26 shows, 6 sold out!

2019 Cabaret Fringe Festival Facts & Figures

$78,328 received in ticket sales excl GST, on behalf of artists (excludes credit card fees)

$68,689 paid out to artists (settlements)

3,063 tickets sold