The Catchelorette


Sat 5th June, 6pm
Sat 12th June – CANCELLED

60 mins



The over-produced drama and the production values of Reality TV and movies sure have a lot to answer for.

“Mattiazzo’s presence is bold and unwavering.” On The Record 

Meet Carla; 34, single, Virgo, outgoing, straight forward, Cabaret Artist and she’s looking for love… still. From first love to happy ever after, every relationship seems to have ‘a catch’! Sometimes the road to love is definitely not what you expect and a bit longer. Ok, a lot longer.

“She judged the room to perfection and intimately connected with the rapt audience.” The Advertiser

If you’ve ever been in love, out of love, looking for love, or happily ever single, this cabaret show is for you.

“Mattiazzo’s physicality, engaging all sides of the audience through her gestures, flows as if beckoning for animated birds to flit around her, a modern-day princess.” Adelaide Theatre Guide 

Inspired by true events and the music that sound

tracked your life. Carla will captivate you with her musical stylings and charm.

Who knows… you might just fall in love.

Directed by Vince Fusco

Accompanied by Ciara Ferguson.

Winner of Best Cabaret weekly 2020 Adelaide Fringe. 

**** The Advertiser

**** On the Record

**** Adelaide Theatre Guide

**** Chuck Moore Reviews 

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