Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival 2024 | 24 May - 2 June

Registrations are open! You can register your show (event) and venue below.

Start by creating a profile, and then register below.

All registrations will close April 12, 2024

Completing your Registration Form

Goodbye Google Forms and hello ArtFuel! Thanks to one of our key sponsors, I-Nex, we now have a more sophisticated registration system. 

Firstly, you need to create a profile for yourself.

Then, you can register your event or venue.

Here is a downloadable PDF showing all of the screens and the process so you have a heads up of what to expect. If you have questions or get stuck, please email us and we can help.

Once your event registration is completed, your venue is prompted to review this and approve it. Then we here approve it for use.

Show Registration

Participation is more affordable, more accessible, and less risky for everyone involved in the annual Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival’s with registration fees consistent with last year’s prices.

$150 minimum per event (includes one performance)

+ $25 for each additional performance to a maximum of $200

(GST not applicable)

*Earlybird event registration of $100 closed 1 February 2024*

Finding a venue

On the hunt for the perfect venue? We’d be more than happy to work with you on finding a suitable space for your needs. Get in touch!

You can also check out this year’s Venue Finder of currently approved venues

Also, sneak a peek at the list of venues from the last year’s program.

If you get stuck, please contact us at  Cab Fringe will review and approve. 

Venue Registration

Venues can register their expression of interest in participating by creating a profile and then registering their venue. There is no venue registration fee.

Registered shows/event tickets will only be available for sale after the selected venue approves the registration (to indicate they accept this show taking place at their venue).