‘RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE” – A Celebration of the Eurythmics Music & Story by The BordererS plus the Rough Diamonds Choir


Sun 6th June, 5pm
Sat 12th June, 7:30pm

70 mins


Star Theatres


Did you know that the Eurythmics started out in Wagga Wagga, or that both Annie & Jim moved to London from Scotland to try and get their first big break?

This unique and interactive show will take you on an anecdotal & musical journey to salute the Eurythmics, but done of course in the highly entertaining performance style of The BordererS.

An uplifting story that parallels the lives and musical careers of both duos (only a decade apart) from their similar upbringings in the UK, to becoming romantically involved, forming a band together and then travelling and performing all around the world.

The aim of this show is to remind you of how good the Eurythmics were, and to encourage you to sing along to all your favourite classics such as ’Sweet Dreams’, ‘Right By Your Side’ and ‘Who’s That Girl’.

You’re gonna love the high energy, the stories, and be totally enthralled by this nostalgic musical odyssey which includes The BordererS full band, plus a special appearance by the Rough Diamonds Choir (formed just for the occasion).

We guarantee that you will definitely leave the Star Theatre humming all the songs and wanting more – so don’t miss out. BOOK NOW!

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