2024 Cabaret Fringe Festival - 24 May to 2 June

Eyes to Stone

Phoebe Ophidia, Lumi La Vish, Evie Eerie, Striga, Ember Rose, Lizzy Baker, Nikita, Kraken, and more

Sat 1st Jun 2024, 10.00pm
120 mins

Rating: R 18+ - Restricted

Nineteen Ten
Rooftop, 143 Hindley St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Calling the Enchantress, the Seductress, the Lover, the Sacred Slxt.
Too long have our bodies been used against us. Its time we take them back.
We've been censored, shadow banned, judged and shamed. Our power is in our sexuality, and the reclamation of our sacred magic. We use our art to heal from our trauma, but we get shut down and told that we're just doing it for attention.
Phoebe Ophidia creates a two hour portal of feminine rage and grief. Featuring stunning burlesque, dance, aerials and fire acts, with moving poetry, music and monologues.
This is a safe space where every inch of you is welcomed and celebrated. Bring your shadow self, there is a seat for her here.