2024 Cabaret Fringe Festival - 24 May to 2 June

Strong Female Character

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Past Event

Fri 31st May 2024, 9.00pm
60 mins

Sat 1st Jun 2024, 9.00pm
60 mins

Rating: R 18+ - Restricted

Prompt Creative Centre
8/205 Pirie Street

Join us for a celebration of women's individuality and strength. Strong Female Character is a love letter to the women that enhance the stories we love, presented through burlesque, cabaret, and comedy. Despite the misconception that a strong, female character should be brimming with muscles and masculinity (and yet somehow still require saving by the hero), we believe strength is made up of more. Come and see characters with purpose, with sass, with power, with flaws, and yes, sometimes with muscles. Over an hour of high energy entertainment, we'll not only get to know some of fiction and history's most interesting women, but dig into the origins of the strong, female character trope, and how it became so misunderstood. Presented at Prompt Creative by Brandy Snap, a local silly tart and lady character appreciator, this fun show is guaranteed to get you laughing, fist pumping, and inspired! Come along for a cabaret show with a badass edge.

A black and white comic-book style image of a woman holding a sword and a bow, in sunglasses and a crop top. She's on a red square background, with silhouettes of other women posing with weapons behind.