2024 Cabaret Fringe Festival - 24 May to 2 June

Ten Carat Cranium


Past Event

Thu 1st Jun 2023, 7.00pm
60 mins

Fri 2nd Jun 2023, 7.00pm
60 mins

Sat 3rd Jun 2023, 7.00pm
60 mins

Rating: M - Mature

Main room @ My Lover Cindi
2/192 Pirie St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Winter blues getting you down? Can’t get past those adolescent hang ups? Feeling like a legally binding relationship will cement your self worth? God! That sounds like a lot, babe. But never fear - Frankly is here! So put down that smokey quartz and make your way to the most chaotically healing cabaret of the season, hosted by none other than the chaos demon herself: the resident mess of swearing and oversharing!

Here to highlight herself as the true therapy veteran she is, Frankly is offering a night of poignant silliness, prescribing you with songs, stories and one very serious question: can your own insanity be your greatest teacher? If you’re thinking not…let Frankly change your mind in this totally ridiculous and utterly joyful story of how one manic episode changed her life for the better!

With her “uncanny ability to touch your heart, even when what she says is dripping in sarcasm and biting humour” (See Do Eat Review), take a break from your day to day and be “transported by magic into Frankly’s mind” (Mindshare SA). Dripping in wit and churning out original songs that “sound like Regina Spector, but funnier” (Hifi Way), this cult favourite of the cabaret scene might just be the unhinged guru you’ve been waiting for!

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rankly drinks win from the bottle, arm raised in air