2023 Cabaret Fringe Festival - 26th May to 4th June

Life is a Cabernet Merlot
Annie Schofield, Leela Varghese, Frankly, Matt Barker, Steph Daughtry, Alice Barker, Yoz, and Emilie Heilpern

Thu 1st Jun 2023, 8.30pm
60 mins

Fri 2nd Jun 2023, 8.30pm
60 mins

Sat 3rd Jun 2023, 8.30pm
60 mins

Rating: R 18+ - Restricted

Main room @ My Lover Cindi
223 Flinders St
Adelaide, SA, 5000
This event takes place in a venue that requires patrons to be double vaxxed

Life is a Cabernet Merlot darling! Come pour yourself a glass and enjoy this raucous and ridiculously wild ride as we showcase some of Kaurna Lands' most talented cabaret stars! Hosted by Annie Schofield delivering their world famous absolutely terrible impression of Liza Minelli! It'll be a crazy cool cat time so snap those tickets up with your jazz hands now!

Annie Schofield holds a glass of wine and looks dead pan into the camera. Liza Minelli sits in their wine glass posing cheekily.