2024 Cabaret Fringe Festival - 24 May to 2 June

Smiling Through The Human

Created by Grace Colsey (they/she) Directed by Jaziel Siegertsz (he/him) Presented by Quasar Arts

Past Event

Sun 28th May 2023, 6.30pm
60 mins

Sold Out

Rating: M - Mature

Diverse-City Main Performance Space @ Diverse-City
163 Gouger St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

What do we all desperately need right now in this fine dystopian hellscape of ours? A completely revamped education system? The ability to live authentically? Human connection? Don't be silly! We need quirky existential cabaret! In Smiling Through the Human, Grace Colsey (they/she) delves into the chaotic, weird and (un)wonderful experience of existing deep inside your head. Why do I always cry on my birthday? Why does it feel like I'm living the same day over and over? ...How many times am I going to be recommended to 'get a planner' before I become violent- Through the eyes of lived experience neurodivergence, and quirky original song, embark on a dissociative, frenetic expedition of what 'humanness' looks like in our strange, inhuman world. Grace Colsey uses the culmination of their diverse skillset to create a zany and somehow nostalgic show that allows them to play with the audience’s heartstrings like a seasoned harpist. Prepare to laugh and cry in the same 30 seconds. Grace and Quasar Arts would like to acknowledge that Smiling Through the Human was written and will be performed on Kaurna Yerta. Sovereignty was never ceded, this always was and always will be Aboriginal land. ~ gracecolsey.com ~ quasarartsofficial.comAdditional information: Diverse-City's Bar Bites and drinks will be available before, during, and after the show! Content warnings: Contains coarse language, themes and mentions of depression, panic and briefly touches on suicidal ideation.

Grace stands under a spotlight peaking out from under a lamp shade. Photo by Elizabeth Polanco.