2024 Cabaret Fringe Festival - 24 May to 2 June

Carla Anita Mattiazzo

Rating: M - Mature

Carla, the woman who brought you the award-winning, critically acclaimed cabaret The Catchelorette… This diva is done talking about boys, now it’s all about the beautiful bloody bleeders! Sex Education, social pressure and the patriarchy have a lot to answer for. The road to womanhood sure is an intense rollercoaster. It’s time to debunk the myths, the rumours and the shame for good! Carla is staying true to her confessional brand and she’s doing it all for the good of the powerful people with periods. No longer will she be quiet, no longer will she be ashamed, it’s time to share the knowledge and the superpowers of what comes natural…. PERIODS! If you’ve ever stained your undies, hid period care items up your sleeves, used codewords for menstruation, had a heavy flow or you’re in love with a beautiful bloody bleeder, this cabaret show is for you. Inspired by true events with an eclectic musical soundtrack. Carla will inspire you to be a loud and proud Beautiful! Bloody! Bleeder.