2022 Cabaret Fringe Festival - 3rd to 13th June


Past Event

Thu 9th Jun 2022, 7:00pm
60 mins

Fri 10th Jun 2022, 7:00pm
60 mins


Sat 11th Jun 2022, 7:00pm
60 mins

Rating: R 18+ - Restricted

Main room @ My Lover Cindi
223 Flinders St
Adelaide, SA, 5000
This event takes place in a venue that requires patrons to be double vaxxed

Never felt the need to glue tiny little hairs onto your eyelids? Eyes glaze over when someone speaks on their reproductive rights? Then perhaps this is not the show you want to see - but the one you really should. Straight from the Leftist hell-scape, Frankly presents her new work-in-progress show, 'Dig Up The Hatchet'. Loved for her palpable connection with her audiences, share in nail-hitting stand-up and quirky original compositions in this tactically comedic and unflinching view of the female experience, where Frankly tackles what wears us down until we're "fine..."

Frankly is shown in a black and white photograph, cheekily sipping on a drink through a straw. She wears a scarf tied around her head, long dangly earrings and a patterned jumpsuit. Theres a microphone next to her and she's standing in a spotlight.