2023 Cabaret Fringe Festival - 26th May to 4th June

Femme Fatales
Alex Charman - Director Persia Janzen - Assistant Director Hannah Hamilton - Vocal Artist Caitlin Dabinet - Circus Artist Chloe Butterworth - Circus Artist Olive Conybeare - Circus Artist Patrice Leonard - Circus Artist Patrick Wesson - Circus Artist Ruby Sierp - Circus Artist Sinead McCaul - Circus Artist

Rating: M - Mature

Femme Fatales invites you into a vaudevillian world of circus and cabaret. Be amazed by the incredible talent of the CircoBats Extension Performance Program while they dazzle you in diamonds, sly smiles and all that jazz.

1 male holding a female by the waist as she archs towards the floor. 2 other females are in the back ground. They are wearing black and white costumes. The lighting is red/pink.