2023 Cabaret Fringe Festival - 26th May to 4th June

Tarsha Cameron, accompanied by David McEvoy

Rating: M - Mature

What does it mean to be an UNAPOLOGETIC woman? No less a perimenopausal unapologetic woman. Does it mean you’re angry or shrill? Does it make you a dangerous woman? Does it mean you’re a bitch because you don’t smile at the Prime Minister? Or does it simply mean you no longer give a shit about what other people think? Join Tarsha as she shares her story - hilarious as it is heart-breaking - exploring what it means to live without apology. With refreshing honesty, a stellar set-list, and heartfelt authenticity, Tarsha unpacks the everyday experiences that can challenge us all; from familial dysfunction to profound love…..from unrequited dreams to midlife crisis. If you’ve ever questioned your own family lineage (and subsequent psyche!), you’ll be compelled as Tarsha unpacks hers in this highly relatable and insightful hour of story and song. Accompanied by David McEvoy. Mentored by Amelia Ryan and Michael Grifiths.