2022 Cabaret Fringe Festival - 3rd to 13th June

Under the Paris Sky
Georgia Darcy - Singer, Louise Lawson - Cécile, (Georgia's French maid), Simon Walters - Pianist

Past Event

Fri 10th Jun 2022, 7:30pm
60 mins

Sat 11th Jun 2022, 3:00pm
60 mins

Rating: PG - Parental Guidance

Star Theatres Two @ STAR THEATRES
145 Sir Donald Bradman Drive
Hilton, SA, 5033
This event takes place in a venue that requires patrons to be double vaxxed

A glittering evening ‘Under the Paris Sky’ is filled with French language songs, from Piaf to the contemporary works of Zaz, interwoven with hilarious fun. You’ll be swept away by the beauty of the music and die laughing at the comical characters ... and you don't even need to speak French! Georgia Darcy has been described by various reviewers as a “joy to watch, mesmerising” a “Powerhouse” and “Glittering”. Specialist French-content reviewer, Matilda Marseillaise says: "Georgia is ethereal in 'Under the Paris Sky'. You cannot ignore her stage presence. Our eyes were fixed on her throughout the show. We could have listened to her for hours…. Her voice is hypnotizing, the show resplendent… she sings Piaf in such a way that we could think we were listening to Piaf herself." Georgia’s love of the French language is obvious as she shares it with guests, taking us on a poetic journey through the story and metaphor of the songs before singing in French, thus we can follow whilst enjoying the beauty of the “language of love” sung with passion and eloquence. There is plenty of comedy as Cecile (played by Georgia’s wife, Louise Lawson) returns to create mischief and mayhem as Georgia’s French maid (who does no cleaning). Maestro Simon Walters has flown over from Melbourne to accompany Georgia for this Cabaret Fringe 2022 – his playing is breathtaking. “A truly wonderful show” – come with us to Paris for a night to remember.

Under the Paris Sky - a glittering Cabaret with Comedy for French-loving people - but you don't need to speak French!