2024 Cabaret Fringe Festival - 24 May to 2 June


Produced by 6inchminx & hosted by Lauren Thiel, featuring... Saint Eve • Portia Sweet • Tootz • Peyton James • Sebastian Wolf • Caitlin Catastrophe • Sanchez Rodriguez • Phoebe Ophidia • Andre Corey • Heidi Gunn •

Rating: R 18+ - Restricted

An evening of adult entertainment exclusively for the gays, slays & theys! Divulge your senses in this diverse array of local & interstate artistry as they bring you a back to back celebration of camp & queer sexuality. Adelaide's first rooftop strip club experience will be setting Hindley street alight this Cab Fringe, with the aim of entertaining & empowering the individuals of the rainbow community who may not feel as welcomed or catered to in most mainstream adult entertainment venues. A truly breath taking cabaret club night filled with jaw dropping pole, death defying aerial, fierce fire & bold burlesque; by a cast of creatives who crave the chance at expressing their own sensuality and are just dying to entertain you with their high energy hellraising! The evening features a diverse range of body types, gender identities, aesthetics, & personalities; guaranteed to please all personal preferences. This club does not discriminate - we aim to support individuals of all identities and create a safe environment for all. We encourage all patrons to express their sexualities throughout the evening, however please do keep in mind that consent is sexy, respecting the performers and your fellow patrons is key.

Saint Eve, Portia Sweet, 6inchminx, Tootz, Caitlin Catastrophe, Heidi Gunn, Andre Corey, Phoebe Ophidia, Sanchez Rodriguez, Lauren Thiel, Sebastian Wolf, Ariel Drop & Peyton James.