2024 Cabaret Fringe Festival - 24 May to 2 June

Big Gay Bingo - CabFringe Edition

Lori Bell is an award winning, extraordinary, hilarious host Margie Fischer is a legend Miss Kaitlyn is a red haired bombshell Creme De Peche is luscious and bearded Bingo Daddy Ben has tech fiddly fingers

Past Event

Sun 26th May 2024, 6.00pm
180 mins

Sun 2nd Jun 2024, 6.00pm
180 mins

Rating: R 18+ - Restricted

Main @ Mylk Bar
57 Flinders St,
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Step into the world of Gay Bingo – where tradition meets subversion. Hosted by award winning comedian Lori Bel, stunning drag stars Miss Kaitlyn and Crème De Peche plus iconic barrel girl Margie Fischer.
Outrageous fun, extraordinary must have prizes, fabulous crowd. Everyone welcome.
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Delicious dinner options and bar.

red Headed host holding a rainbow flag in front of coloured bingo balls