2024 Cabaret Fringe Festival - 24 May to 2 June

A Disney Burlesque Tribute - Once Upon a Teaser

Viola Verve, Lylah Bloom, Lizzy Baker, Foxie Roxie, Queenie Belle, Arthur Nicely, Delilah Lel L'amour, Ember Rose and more

Past Event

Sun 2nd Jun 2024, 7.00pm
60 mins

Rating: R 18+ - Restricted

Nexus Arts Venue
Nexus Arts Lion Arts Complex

Be our guest! A Disney Burlesque Tribute - Once Upon a Teaser, takes you through the rabbit hole for a night of wonder, fantasy & enchantment. Don’t miss this high-energy spectacle and join us on this magic carpet ride, to see the very PG-rated theme of Disney characters with not-so-PG routines and parodies of our favourite characters from the Disney classics. “A five-star crowd, a five-star show - even Mickey would have been proud of this Adelaide Fringe act” - Shane Berketa, SEE DO EAT REVIEW “Routines were flawless and storylines were imaginative” - Isolated Nation “This enchanting show has all the makings of a fairytale Fringe experience” - The West Australian

Blonde burlesque performer stands between green hedging, wearing blue and black burlesque costume inspired by the Disney character Alice in Wonderland.