2024 Cabaret Fringe Festival - 24 May to 2 June

Have You Met My Grief?

Jodie Atkinson

Past Event

Sat 1st Jun 2024, 7.30pm
60 mins

Rating: MA 15+ - Mature Accompanied

Diverse-City Main Performance Space @ Diverse-City
163 Gouger St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

‘Have You Met My Grief?' discusses how grief can show up in our lives. After an unimaginable loss, Atkinson found herself with a new companion; grief. Exploring the ups and downs of life, its light and shade, the heartwarming and heartbreaking, we learn grief and humour can coexist, there is beauty, connection and love in even the harshest of realities. Compelling storytelling and popular songs from Adele, Coldplay, Carole King and Pink, weave a journey of life, love, loss, and the lessons. It's unpredictable, vulnerable and at times, comical, just like life....and grief! This award-winning cabaret is adapted from Atkinson's first book of the same name. Enjoy a meal at the venue before the show at 6pm, show starts at 7:30pm. One show only! You won't want to miss out!

lady with sad look resting chin on hand with blue butterfly