2024 Cabaret Fringe Festival - 24 May to 2 June

The Heart May Or May Not Go On

Taylor Nobes ft. Samuel Lau

Past Event

Thu 30th May 2024, 8.00pm
60 mins

Rating: MA 15+ - Mature Accompanied

Nexus Arts Venue
Nexus Arts Lion Arts Complex

Have you ever felt f**ked over by life that you have felt as if your heart may not actually go on? Ever wondered why so many people are out to get you, only to realise that you might be part of the problem? Me too. Hold on tight, we will get through this together. Could it be her narcissistic tendencies? Her incessant need for revenge? Or her unwavering need to keep performing even when her life is falling apart? With the help of her good friend Samuel Lau, Taylor reflects on life so far and tries to connect the dots as to how she ended up in this position. A story of navigating your way through life whilst living with a mental illness, and how it's the simple things, meaningful conversations and true friendship that can pull us to the surface and restore our trust in people again. ★★★★★ “The brilliance of her comedy, powerhouse vocals, outrageous choreography, and heartfelt storytelling is one that is always worth watching.” - Your Local Hok (ADL Fringe 2024)

A woman with long hair and a green jumper in the centre, on either side are duplicates of her