Pamela Shaw

2018 Cabaret Fringe Ambassador

Well, how psyched am I to play the Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival 2018 with y’all?!


In a cabaret I feel I am welcoming people into my space/my home, a venue for personal exchange with the audience in which to share the good, the bad and the ugly with those willing to take the ride. So….I was curious and looked up the origin of the word cabaret. ( Don’t we love google) It is a mid 17th century word from the old French meaning an “inn”; THAT word comes from the Dutch word meaning “little room”.




I LIKE being part of an old tradition that denotes small and cozy! And an inn, after all, is a place where you can park and refresh yourself, revive, be taken care of, nourished. Breathe.




In the role of Cabaret Fringe Ambassador, I am proud to join the circle of artists dedicated to this unique art form. Being an ambassador from NYC is especially appealing because it gives me the opportunity to extend this welcome far beyond the room itself. Back to the USA, and waaaaay past any geographic location.

Here we go…

Tomás Ford

2018 Cabaret Fringe Ambassador

Cabaret is best when it’s risky, terrifying and underground. The gigs should feel like you’re part of a secret club. It’s a place where we can play in the dark, screwing about with morality and music as we see fit. The best stuff doesn’t chase after permission or funding or big advertising campaigns or worry about appealing to a broad audience. Sure, there’s a place for that, but it’s generally nowhere near me.


Adelaide Cabaret Fringe has become a wonderful annual hidey-hole for all kinds of shows and performers from around Australia to explore new ideas and styles and to play for Adelaide’s lovely audiences outside of the overload of Mad March. For audiences, it’s a chance to come out and get into fresh and unusual shows that might be a bit under-the-radar at other times of the year. And then to keep them as their new favourite artsy secret.


There’s nothing like this festival anywhere else. So take the opportunity to blow your mind wide open with its awesomeness. I’m gonna.


Stay weird,

Tomás Ford