Fears for SA art scene despite $250m support

The Prime Minsters announced that thousands of jobs across Australia’s arts industry will be backed with a new $250 million targeted package to help restart the creative economy and get the entertainment, arts and screen sectors back to work, as they rebuild from the impacts of COVID-19. Our Chairman Greg Mackie spoke to The Advertiser, which was in today’s paper:

Cabaret Fringe Festival chairman Greg Mackie welcomed the $75 million worth of cash grants to get festivals, tours, concerts and other events going again, and $90 million in loans for new productions. “We are a sector that contributes more than just bums on seats,” he said.

“We drive taxis, we drive hospitality, we drive hotel [bookings], so the cascade benefits of any stimulus funding to arts and culture does reach other parts of the economy.” But he said restrictions could keep audience numbers low for some time yet.


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