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Holden Street Theatres

34 Holden Street
Hindmarsh, SA, 5007

Contact: Elizabeth Murrie
Phone: 82231450

Tuesday, 5:00pm-11:59pm
Wednesday, 5:00pm-11:59pm
Thursday, 5:00pm-11:59pm
Friday, 5:00pm-11:59pm
Saturday, 11:00am-11:59pm
Sunday, 11:00am-11:59pm

Holden Street Theatres is a boutique theatre just moments from the city with a reputation as the 'Home of Theatre'. With a vairiety of stages from large black box theatres to smaller, intimate performance spaces and even a suken garden, free parking, food, fine wines, and incredible programming, Holden Street is a favorite for many patrons and artists. We strive for cultural and artistic significance on a local, national and international scale, and we are passionate about building exchange programs between Holden Street and international companies. We support new collaborations, take risks, produce internationally viable work, and support companies to develop high calibre productions winning over eighty awards since our inception.

The Studio an old limestone and brick building.
Raked Capacity: 120 people
Total Seats: 120
Performance area: Perfect for theatre, dance, small bands, CD launches, stand up comedy, or large meetings and corporate training. The Studio is a black box theatre with raked seating and the stage on the flat. The seats are removable however, the rostra they sit on is not. The stage is front on with access to dressing rooms through two doors at either side of the stage along the back wall. The room is intimate yet has a very spacious feel. It is your next blank canvas. The capacity is 125 seated comfortably. This can be increased with additional front rows however, the stage is reduced by approx one meter for every row.
Surface Material: Wood
Stage Width: 9m
Stage Depth: 6m
Overhead: 5
Aerial Rigging: NA
Dressing Room: 1
Tech Specs - URL:
Tiered Capacity: 125 people
Total Seats: 125
Performance area: The Arch is an old church which houses a very intimate proscenium arch with a thrust stage. The seating is antique leather, wooden armed, flip up seating originally from the Adelaide University Union Hall. The stunning stained glass windows are back-lit and used for the house lights, along with halogens that make a feature of the beautiful wooden ceiling. The auditorium has incredible acoustics and the venue has a charm that is unique. The Arch is a favorite and its character compliments any event.
Surface Material: Upside down carpet painted black.
Stage Width: 7m
Stage Depth: 7m
Overhead: 5
Dressing Room: 1
Tech Specs - URL:
In-the-round Capacity: 40 people
Total Seats: 40
Performance area: The Sunken Garden is a gorgeous and intimate outdoor space, located in between the Studio and the Arch. Perfect for immersive performances or spoken word, the Sunken Garden works well in the beautiful weather of an Australian summer. As it is an outside space there can be noise bleed from patrons and the venue.
Surface Material: Concrete
Stage Width: 3m
Stage Depth: 3m
Dressing Room: 2
Tech Specs - URL:
In-the-round Capacity: 20 people
Total Seats: 20
Performance area: An empty room with flexible seating. These rooms can be blacked out for theatre performances. 
Surface Material: Carpet
Stage Depth: 3m
Overhead: 3m
Tech Specs - URL:
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Accessible Car parking
The Studio and The Arch are accessible by ramp, however The Barbara Hardy Garden and Judy's is not. There is no accessible toilet.
We are an all ages venue

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We have a Covid Marshall.
We require patrons to provide evidence of being fully vaccinated.