Meet The Team

Paul Boylon

Founder & Director

Paul is founder of the Cabaret Fringe Festival and previous owner of La Bohème. He opened the arts venue La Bohème in 2005 with like-minded business partners. As Venue Manager and Program Coordinator, Paul has strived to fulfill his dream of a continuous cabaret venue in Adelaide. He has gone on to create a space that not only offers a stage for existing shows but supports local artists in the creation of new works. Paul and Co. pride themselves on making the space accessible for artists and this in turn has encouraged artists from all levels and genres to express themselves and their ideas through the unique art form of cabaret.

In 2008 Paul co-founded the Cabaret Fringe Festival, which grew rapidly from modest begins in a single venue to this year welcoming 14 venues and running for the entire month of June. The Cabaret Fringe Festival provides a forum for all artists to show their talents, and Paul is proud to continue to show the arts-going public that we have a wealth of talent here in the state.

Paul says: 

“We are always delighted to see how Cabaret Fringe artists help develop the audience base of the Cabaret art form and are able to thrive on the popularity of Cabaret in Adelaide and the excitement of June’s ‘cabaret season’.”

Lauren Thiel

Festival Producer

Lauren Thiel is a Chartered Accountant, with a passion for the arts and small business. A performer since before she could walk, Lauren contributes to the industry both on and off stage. She has a Bachelor of Tourism and Event Management, and a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting). She co-founded her first Company, a dance school, in 2015, and her next, The Real Thiel, in 2016. The Real Thiel is a boutique accounting firm, a part of the Accodex network, providing tax, accounting and advisory services to creative small businesses. Lauren also works in investor relations and business development at Duxton Capital, focused on two listed entities. In her spare time she loves to dance – Lauren may very well be the only accountant who also knows all the moves to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”!

Lauren joined the Cabaret Fringe Festival team in 2019, as an inaugural Board member, and as Producer of the festival. She works alongside all of the venues, marketing and press management teams, and artists to create this festival.  

Lauren says:

“It is an honour to be directing the festival this year. What a pleasure to see all of these artists having the opportunity to perform incredible cabaret shows that entertain, challenge and excite audiences. I’m super thankful for this year (2019) and looking forward to being involved for hopefully many more to come!”